American Fire Technologies recently added Stat-X to its diverse group of fire protection distributorships. Stat-X, a Fireaway,Inc. product line, offers an innovative, yet economical, solution to special hazard fire protection situations. Utilized worldwide, these scientifically designed aerosol systems offer effective fire protection ranging from rapid response scenarios to fixed systems in enclosed facilities and local applications.
For more information about this product download the brochure or contact Tony Miller at 1-800-919-1288 ex 253.

American Fire Technologies GSA Contract Division provides clean agent fire suppression systems for United Nations facilities in Haiti, Iraq and Kuwait.

In addition, AFT is an important supplier of fire alarm equipment for the State Department’s  Embassies throughout the world, as well as supplying fire protection equipment for military and government locations through its GSA Contract. For further information contact Greg Romero, 1-800-919-1288 ext 245
Grinding Machine
Grinding Machine
American Fire Technologies offers special hazard expertise, we provide fire protection solutions for closed machine tools such as: grinding, turning, and milling machines; among others. These individual systems can be designed to utilize various methods for fire detection and suppression depending on the needs of the client’s equipment and the operating environment. The most recent project awarded AFT involves fire protection design for five individual Grinding Machines for the Reishauser Corporation.  These particular fire protection systems have been designed utilizing a combination of heat detectors, flame detectors, and Co2 suppression. Contact Carl Busian,, NICET Level IV in Special Hazards, to discuss fire protection for your closed machine tools .
American Fire Technologies is committed to proper training for its technicians. Our recent graduate of Notifier training, Travis Harper, shares his experience with us: “As a technician in training I was taught how to assemble fire alarm control panels and learn what the components in the panel did for the system.  Once becoming very familiar with how the panel components operate, I was sent to Georgia, to the Notifier Onyx training school. There I was factory trained, by Notifier, to program the main CPU for use. My training included programming the CPU to control certain points in the assembled panel to react to an input, such as smoke, and have it take the appropriate actions automatically to protect property and life.  I was able to understand the material easily because of my previous experience and training from American Fire Technologies, this helped me place at the top of my class.  On completion of the course, I am now able to program a fire alarm panel to do an array of functions according to what the customer needs. I feel confident in my abilities to give the customer exactly what they want due to the training I have received.” Thanks Travis for a job well done!
Garry Dunlow
Garry Certificate of Honor
Garry's Certificate of Honor
American Fire Technologies’ Shipping Manager, aka, SP/4 Garry Dunlow – RTO (radio man) recently attended the “1st of the 7th CAVALRY” – Nov 14-16, 1965  REUNION in Branson, Missouri. This reunion, May 3-4, 2013, commemorated 48 years after the battle of IA DRANG, LZ X-RAY, Vietnam. Once each year the survivors of the “Battle of IA DRANG”  gather to reminisce and enjoy the company of fellow comrades, friends, and brothers, and to honor the battle’s 305 fallen soldiers. The “Battle of IA DRANG”, one of the first significant and bloodiest of the Vietnam War, was the subject of both book, We Were Soldiers Once and Young – written by General Hal Moore & API Reporter Joe Galloway, and  film We Were Soldiers – starring Sam Elliot and Mel Gibson. During this year’s weekend long event the veterans visited a local military museum and attended numerous live performances & recognitions at local venues. One comrade, Vernon Harris, that  the alumni had lost contact with since Vietnam attended this year’s event. Also in attendance were some of the active duty “1st of the 7th Cavalry” soldiers from Fort Hood, Texas. These soldiers, travelling on their own time and at their own expense, presented the “1st of the 7th CAVALRY – Nov 14-16, 1965” with a heartfelt certificate of honor and recognition. Click here for highlights and video (including real Vietnam photos) of this years event. American Fire Technologies is proud of  its veterans and of all U.S. military servicemen and women  currently serving and those who  have served. Thanks to them for their service!