Garry Dunlow
Garry Certificate of Honor
Garry's Certificate of Honor
American Fire Technologies’ Shipping Manager, aka, SP/4 Garry Dunlow – RTO (radio man) recently attended the “1st of the 7th CAVALRY” – Nov 14-16, 1965  REUNION in Branson, Missouri. This reunion, May 3-4, 2013, commemorated 48 years after the battle of IA DRANG, LZ X-RAY, Vietnam. Once each year the survivors of the “Battle of IA DRANG”  gather to reminisce and enjoy the company of fellow comrades, friends, and brothers, and to honor the battle’s 305 fallen soldiers. The “Battle of IA DRANG”, one of the first significant and bloodiest of the Vietnam War, was the subject of both book, We Were Soldiers Once and Young – written by General Hal Moore & API Reporter Joe Galloway, and  film We Were Soldiers – starring Sam Elliot and Mel Gibson. During this year’s weekend long event the veterans visited a local military museum and attended numerous live performances & recognitions at local venues. One comrade, Vernon Harris, that  the alumni had lost contact with since Vietnam attended this year’s event. Also in attendance were some of the active duty “1st of the 7th Cavalry” soldiers from Fort Hood, Texas. These soldiers, travelling on their own time and at their own expense, presented the “1st of the 7th CAVALRY – Nov 14-16, 1965” with a heartfelt certificate of honor and recognition. Click here for highlights and video (including real Vietnam photos) of this years event. American Fire Technologies is proud of  its veterans and of all U.S. military servicemen and women  currently serving and those who  have served. Thanks to them for their service!

General James M. Gavin Power Plant

American Fire Technologies, along with VFP, have provided the sprinkler and linear heat detection design for the, AEP owned, Gavin Power Plant in Cheshire, Ohio. This coal fired power plant, the largest in Ohio and one of the largest in the world, has a generating capacity for as many as 2 million customers. The Ohio River is the primary source of coal delivery to this facility. This power plant project included the fire detection and protection for 4 conveyors.
Aerial View

American Fire Technologies is working with East Kentucky Power Cooperative to  provide fire detection and suppression systems for Spurlock Station Coal Conveyor Belt Systems. The project involves  linear heat detection that monitors the complexity of the conveyor systems for fire hazards.

PLANT: Spurlock Station
LOCATION: Maysville , Kentucky
FUEL: Coal
TYPE: Baseload – (Units that typically operate around the clock and throughout the year to provide electricity)
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American Fire Technologies has been awarded, as part of Florida Power & Light’s  Ten Year Power Plant Site Plan 2012-2021, the upgrading of Fire Protection Systems for 30 Combustion Turbines throughout 6 sites. This series of upgrades is scheduled to begin within the next few months and will span several years.  NextEra Energy, of which Florida Power & Light Company is a subsidiary, “has the second largest fleet of power plants in the United States, capable of producing the electricity needed to power more than 17 million homes”. American Fire Technologies, enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity  to be a part of the the investments of Florida Power & Light and its contributions to energy.

List of Jobsites:
1. Manatee Plant: 19050 State Road 62, Parrish, FL 34219 (FPL)
2. Marcus Hook 750A: 100 Green Street, Marcus Hook, PA 19061 (NEER)
3. Turkey Point: 41100 9700 SW 344 St. Florida City, FL 33035 (FPL)
4. Fort Myers: 10650 State Road 80 Fort Myers FL 33905 (FPL)
5. Martin Plant 21900 SW Warfield Blvd. Indiantown, Florida 34956 (FPL)
6. Forney Plant: 13770 E. US Highway 80 Forney TX 75126 (NEER)
Turkey Point Unit 6
Bath County Power Station - Warm Springs, VA.


Bath County Power Station – Powerhouse Fire System Improvement Project was recently awarded to American Fire Technologies. This improvement project involves: updating main fire alarm panel and devices, bringing fire protection system to current NFPA codes,replacing CO2 suppression systems with more effective fire suppressant,  thus improving the safety conditions at” the world’s most powerful pumped storage generating station”.



Under contract with Eaton Energy Solutions, Inc., American Fire Technologies will upgrade and repair fire alarm protection  systems in multiple buildings at this facility. In addition to upgrading Notifier panels with mass notification systems, the fire alarm system will be tied to a new Monaco Transmitter/Receiver communication system.

Aerial View of Goose Creek Brig - Charleston Naval Weapons Station
Inside the Enclosure
Using Panduit for Wiring

American Fire Technologies fabricates fire alarm & suppression panels and enclosures to meet our client specifications. Under the direction of  the design department, enclosures are carefully assembled and wired to meet specific design criteria.  AFT’s resulting product, is not only code compliant, but the custom panels and enclosures are precise, neat, properly identified, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Before enclosures are shipped to job sites they go through extensive QA/QC and testing procedures.

Finished Product
American Fire Technologies, partnered with Xtralis, attended POWER-GEN International 2012 in Orlando Florida. Response to the event was impressive and AFT would like to thank all those who attended. If you did not have the opportunity to visit with us, we invite you to continue to browse our web page and contact us for further information. Take a look at the Power Gen International website, for highlights of this past event, including some listed below:
  • Record-breaking attendance: over 22,000 attendees from 92 countries
  • 1,400 exhibiting companies
  • 27 international delegations
  • 200 Industry experts
Attendees at AFT / Xtralis Booth
Mobile Response Trailer
Mobile Response Unit
American Fire Technologies now offers a mobile response unit and the service of a trained fire alarm technician to our clients. AFT’s mobile unit has the capabilities to accommodate any shutdown, outage, or problem that needs immediate attention. This custom mobile unit is outfitted with necessary tooling and materials to facilitate client needs with quick and efficient response time.