Missile Defense Projects

Safeguarding strategic locations around the world.

An integral part of the Department of Defense systems upgrade is the network of missile defense systems strategically placed throughout the world. American Fire Technologies has been an integral part of these DOD projects installing fire alarm and mass notification systems, integrating with clean agent and sprinkler suppression systems, and upgrading & monitoring fire pumps into a centralized point of interface at locations around the world. AFT has performed design/build & design assist projects in accordance with NFPA codes and standards, Unified Facilities Criteria guidelines, and various specification requirements as provided by the DOD. Each of the projects required precise scheduling and delivery in order to meet the start-up requirements of the US government and the DOD to ensure that systems are operational to safeguard our nation’s interests.

Kwajalein Atoll

Multiple systems have been designed in house for this facility. These systems include fire alarms, interior mass notification, clean agent suppression, sprinkler systems, and water mist systems.

Kwajalein Atoll, Marshal Islands
San Juan Construction & PhotonWorks Engineering

Redzikowo, Poland

This ongoing contract includes a networked fire alarm and interior mass notification system integrated with building automation systems, wide area mass notification, clean agent and water based suppression systems, and graphic user interface providing a single, base-wide, point of interface for all fire systems command and control.

Redzikowo, Poland

Eglin Air Force Base

The phased array is a high intensity radar facility to monitor any possible missile activity from the south. The scope included a complete replacement and upgrade of the facility fire alarm system. The system was installed in an environment that far exceeded the EMI and RFI levels found in an industrial facility. And exceeded levels above those required for UL listing. AFT had to provide mitigation measures to provide a functioning system in these harsh environments.

Eglin, FL

Thule Air Force Base

Renovation of the fire alarm system for a multi-story building at Thule AFB, Greenland. This renovation brought the facility to current code requirements to maintain the safety of the building occupants and equipment to ensure mission success of 21st Space Wing’s network of sensors for missile warning and space surveillance and control to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Air Force Space Command (AFSPC).