Quality electrical & mechanical installation.

Two things determine the life and reliability of your fire systems; quality installation and regular system maintenance. American Fire Technologies provides electrical and mechanical installation for the systems we design. And, we ensure the systems are not only designed to code but, installed to code. Your system must function properly for its designed life to ensure your assets are protected. Every system is only as good as its weakest link so we bring the highest quality equipment, intelligent design and the expertise to bring all the pieces together to form a solution you can trust.

Our number one priority is safety. We follow the most rigorous safety and protection guidelines during the installation of all fire protection systems. And, we’re proud that in over 20 years of service at major industrial facilities and construction sites, AFT personnel and subcontractors have had only one OSHA issue.

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“I have worked with a lot of sprinkler technicians in my time in fire protection and I must say that Tony is by far the most professional sprinkler tech. He took great pride in his work and did the job thoroughly and SAFELY. He represented your company well and set the bar high for all your employees.”
Arthur Ambrose
Sr. Safety Specialist
Dominion Power Generation