Power Projects

Protecting the highest voltage facilities on earth.

American Fire Technologies has completed work at over 300 power plants and 1500 power projects from turnkey design/build for new plants to facility upgrades, suppression system and full time service and inspection. Hazards protected from conveyors, steam turbines, hydro’s, coal silos, boilers, gas turbine, BOP, Switchgear and ESS.

Bath County, Virginia

Fire system replacement and LPCO2 upgrade for the currently the world’s largest pumped storage facility.

Bath County, Virginia

Turbine Protection Systems

AFT has provided turbine protection systems for over 25 years. System include LPCO2, HPCO2, FM200, Vortex, gas detection, Fire systems. Scope of service includes, Design, equipment, installation and commissioning in over 30 countries.

Siemens, GE, Alstom & MHPS

Low Pressure CO2 Systems

AFT has provided 100+ projects for NFPA 12 low pressure CO2 fire suppression system upgrades, from design, equipment and installation to testing and re-certification.

FPL, Vistra, PG&E, TVA, Dominion, etc.
Low Pressure CO2 Project