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High Pressure C02 Fire Suppression

High pressure C02 fire suppression systems & service.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an excellent fire suppressing agent. It has been used in the fire protection industry for many years, and is listed under NFPA-12 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems. CO2 is used for a variety of systems; including total flooding, local application, and inerting. CO2 extinguishes a fire by removing the oxygen from the surrounding area, and for local application type systems, breaks the fire triangle by removing the heat. Because of the safety considerations when using CO2, it is only used for very specific applications, and not where the hazards are occupied. Please consult AFT with any questions using CO2. It can be supplied in high pressure and low pressure storage tanks.

High pressure tanks vary from 25 lb. to 100 lb. Low pressure storage tanks vary from 2-3/4 ton to 10 ton in size. Being one of the major players in the power generation fire protection industry, it is not uncommon to supply a 6 ton storage tank for a turbine site. For many industrial applications, we supply high pressure CO2 cylinders. We also supply the associated detection and control equipment required, including special Nema rated equipment for specific areas.

If you would like to speak with us regarding CO2 fire suppression systems contact Richard Jones at 1-704-588-3596.

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