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Low pressure C02 fire suppression system systems & service.

Low Pressure CO2 is a good alternative for CO2 systems that require large storage capacities, or where there is a requirement for frequent discharges. With Low Pressure systems, CO2 is stored in a refrigerated tank at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, with a storage pressure of 300 psi. The big advantage of Low Pressure CO2 is a single tank can protect a variety of hazards. This saves on storage space, and agent quantities as you typically size the tank to protect the largest hazard. Tank sizes vary from 850 lb. capacity, to over 60 tons. Normally closed “Selector” valves are used to distribute the CO2 into the specific hazard in alarm. Timers, which are part of the detection and control panel, controls the selector valve to open and close based on quantity of agent required for the hazard. At the end of the pre-calculated discharge time, the valve is automatically closed. Low Pressure CO2 can be used for local application and total flooding systems. As with all CO2 systems, Low Pressure CO2 design follows NFPA-12 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems standard for design limitation requirements.

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“Last week I had the pleasure of having Travis Harper perform our first quarterly fire inspection here at Greensville County Power Station. It was a pleasure to work with him. He was the consummate professional. He helped this station troubleshoot some fiber issues in the alarm panel. Although we did not get the problem fixed we were able to isolate it. Travis took the time and stayed later to help us with this issue. Once again thank you for sending us such a talented and pleasant employee.”
Arthur Ambrose
Senior Safety Specialist
Dominion Energy