Data Center Fire Protection

Equipment Protection Projects

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American Fire Technologies is looked to by companies around the world for high-end asset and equipment protection. View some of our equipment protection projects below.


AFT provided automatic and manual release clean agent fire suppression systems (FM-200, FE-25 and ProInert) for a variety of telecom, data, and switch rooms. Major customers include Lime, Flow, and Digicel in the Caribbean. The systems were designed in accordance with current NFPA-2001 standards, and with local AHJ requirements. Systems were designed for high value areas air sampling systems were installed to provide advance warning of a pre-fire condition. In the USA, AFT provided design equipment protection for many companies with data, computer, and switch rooms.

Various Caribbean Islands & USA
Data Center Fire Suppression

Industrial HPCO2

AFT has supplied numerous industrial high pressure CO2 systems to protect equipment such as quench tanks, dryers, ovens, dip tanks, presses, electrical rooms, engine test cells and more. High pressure CO2 is very effective on Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (electrical) fires. It’s inexpensive to recharge and non-corrosive. AFT typically custom designs these systems as each require different design standards and application methods. Our CO2 systems are designed in accordance with NFPA-12 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems standards, and the local AHJ. End users include Honda, GM, Acipco, University of Michigan, Corning, Cooper tire, and many government projects for protection computer underfloors.

High Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression