DuPont® FE-25™

DuPont® FE-25™ fire suppression systems & service.

HFC-125 (DuPont™ FE-25™) is a Clean Agent Fire Suppressant that is probably closest to flow characteristics of Halon 1301. FE-25™ is offered by Fike Corporation, and is branded as ECARO-25. FE-25™ is stored as a liquid but discharges as a vapor into the hazard area. It is rated for Class B fires, but is more effective on Class A and Class C Fires. It has great flow characteristics, which make is ideal for systems with long pipe runs and multiple nozzles. FE-25™ is a good choice when upgrading/replacing existing Halon 1301 systems due to its excellent flow characteristics. It is colorless, odorless, and extinguishes fire by removing oxygen at the molecular level. FE-25™ is designed for liquid discharge of the agent within 10 seconds as with the other Clean Agent Suppressants (excluding Inert gasses). AFT has worked on many FE-25™ retrofit projects where the existing Halon 1301 system piping was used. It saved the customer time and money in material and installation. Let our staff assist you in a program to replace your Halon 1301 system with FE-25™.

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