Integrated Fire Alarm Systems

Integrated fire alarm systems for advanced protection.

As facilities become more and more complex, standard fire alarm systems don’t cover all of the code and protection requirements. Air Sampling could be required for the data or IT rooms; suppression systems to cover valuable equipment; gas detection for the power center; water systems for building and equipment protection and flame detection for chemical storage. Can you integrate your existing systems or preinstalled systems in the facility requirements? Have you met the new requirements for safety and mass notification? Do you require offsite monitoring or communication? Are you using technology to its fullest to coordinate and communication during an emergency? All these questions must be assessed when providing a comprehensive solution. AFT can provide a turnkey application to integrate the many components and requirements into one operation system that provides information when and where you need it.

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Notifier - by Honeywell
Sierra Monitor
“The AFT and IFP crews did a quality job and met our schedule... This is the benchmark for all the future CO2 upgrades at TVA gas plants.”
Brian T. Ford, PE
Power Operations - Fire Protection Manager
Tennessee Valley Authority