American Fire Technologies to begin a design & construction project providing linear heat detection at  Dominion’s Mount Storm Power Station in West Virginia. The project’s scope is to replace existing pneumatic heat detection systems on eight (8) existing coal yard conveyors with linear heat detection, as well as  providing detection on one (1) new conveyor. This project also incorporates the heat detection for a newly constructed valve house. Protectowire FS2000 Series Panels will be used to communicate all signals back to the main Notifier fire alarm control panel. Dominion’s Mt. Storm Power Station is located in the Allegheny Mountains near Bismark, West Virginia residing on a 1,200 acre lake. It  is the largest coal-fired power station managed by Dominion.  Mt. Storm has  three (3) coal fired units and can generate more than 1,600 megawatts of electricity.
American Fire Technologies, under contract with Ryan Fire Protection,  is in the completion stages of  the fire protection  portion of  the Modernization Project at Alcoa’s Cheoah Dam. This upgrade, which was part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, included fire alarm and detection systems for the entire power house facility, in addition, to a Vortex Suppression system for the control rooms. This historic dam was constructed from 1916-1919 and interestingly was used in the 1993 movie, “The Fugitive” for the famous jump scene.  American Fire Technologies is proud to have been a part of  this project which will increase the life of  the Cheoah Dam for decades.
AFT provided a “Special Hazards Fire Protection” class for the annual NC State Fire Marshals meeting. The class was given at their annual training at the Coast Guard Training Center in Kure Beach NC.  Clean Agents was the main topic of the class, with an overall perspective of the different Clean Agents and their uses. In addition, the associated detection and control for these systems was discussed. There were approximately 30 NC State Fire Marshals in attendance.
AFT’s Flameout  Division is in full swing. During a recent site facilities & processing  inspection by American Fire Technologies, these photos were taken showing stages of the production line where the cylinders are filled, pressurized,  and inspected. Flameout units are vigorously checked from beginning to end to verify that rigid design specifications are met.  Flameout is currently supplied in 1 liter cylinders, but future models will include a smaller 500ml unit, and larger, commercial size. Learn more at
American Fire Technologies requires all employees to refrain from “Distracted Driving” and encourages this practice for its employees in their off hours as well. OSHA publication Distracted Driving”,(OSHA 3416 – 2011), provides useful guidelines to bring awareness to the importance of safe driving practices.  AFT utilizes these guidelines in new hires orientation program and for periodic reminders during company meetings and for all project start-ups.