American Fire Technologies Committed to Training

American Fire Technologies is committed to proper training for its technicians. Our recent graduate of Notifier training, Travis Harper, shares his experience with us: “As a technician in training I was taught how to assemble fire alarm control panels and learn what the components in the panel did for the system.  Once becoming very familiar with how the panel components operate, I was sent to Georgia, to the Notifier Onyx training school. There I was factory trained, by Notifier, to program the main CPU for use. My training included programming the CPU to control certain points in the assembled panel to react to an input, such as smoke, and have it take the appropriate actions automatically to protect property and life.  I was able to understand the material easily because of my previous experience and training from American Fire Technologies, this helped me place at the top of my class.  On completion of the course, I am now able to program a fire alarm panel to do an array of functions according to what the customer needs. I feel confident in my abilities to give the customer exactly what they want due to the training I have received.” Thanks Travis for a job well done!