Inert Gas Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Systems / Inert Gases

With the big push toward "Green", inert gasses have become a good choice as they are the most green of all of the Clean Agents. Inert gasses are defined as using one or more of the gasses Nitrogen, argon, or helium. CO2 is also found in one of the inert gas blends. Inert gasses work by removing the oxygen in the hazard to a point where it will not support a fire, but still high enough to support life. Design considerations when using inert gasses are pressure venting and volume. It is critical to design the system to achieve the correct concentration, and not remove too much oxygen in the room. Plus, venting of inert gasses is important as it displaces the air volume in the hazard area. AFT can assist in determining which agent is best suited to protect the hazard area (includes detection and control for the system).

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