The Hiller Companies is pleased to announce the purchase of American Fire Technologies (AFT) in Wilmington, North Carolina. AFT was welcomed into the Hiller family on June 28, 2019.

“As Hiller continues to grow, we look for opportunities to expand our offerings and expertise. American Fire Technologies strengthens Hiller’s special hazard fire suppression, detection and design capabilities while expanding our market along the East Coast,” Hiller CEO & President Patrick Lynch said. “AFT gives us deeper reach into many key verticals regionally and across the country.”

American Fire Technologies supports commercial, educational, governmental, industrial, medical and utilities markets nationally and internationally in the areas of suppression, detection management and design. Their professionals have expertise in fire safety and special hazard systems and are dedicated to providing customers with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art products.

Hiller plans to maintain all of AFT’s management, staff and technicians, so customers can continue to count on the dependable and professional services they have always received. This will ensure a seamless transition of AFT to a division of The Hiller Companies.

“We are excited to become a part of the Hiller team,” Paul Hayes, AFT CEO said. “We believe that together, American Fire Technologies and Hiller will offer our customers the excellence they have come to expect by continuing to deliver quality and value. We will also be able to grow our offerings and expand our service with the strength of the Hiller family behind us.”

Congratulations to Li-ion Tamer for winning the Connected Plant Game Changer Award! Li-ion Tamer is receiving attention for its innovative lithium-ion battery monitoring product that detects off-gases before thermal runaway occurs. American Fire Technologies is proud to partner with Li-ion Tamer to protect the fast-growing energy storage systems industry.
American Fire Technologies is very proud of the heroic efforts by one of our employees, Roger Nichols. Utilizing the training he received as an AFT employee, Roger provided CPR to a highway crash victim who had been thrown from her vehicle. While other bystanders looked on, Roger immediately knew what to do and provided life safety measures necessary to bring a pulse back to the victim. Congratulations to an American Fire Hero! Read Press Release
In the course of preparation for Hurricane Florence, AFT continued to provide service to our customers. One customer shared their appreciation. “I would like to take a moment to personally thank you and your team for all of your efforts to achieve the nearly impossible deadlines that have been laid before us on this project. You and your team as well as everyone copied in this email have gone above and beyond to make the impossible, possible. You and your team stayed in the game and supported the team even while you all where in the middle of a natural disaster that caused massive flooding and devastation. I hope and pray that you and all your coworkers families are safe and sound. I of all people do understand what you all have been through, for my family and I were caught in the flooding of Harvey just last year. We were some of the lucky ones. The compressor repairs were made in time, and First Fire was achieved in the midst of all that was going on. The unit is still working properly. Hats off to this very remarkable team that I am proud to be a part of. Wishing you and the state of North Carolina a Speedy recovery.
Li-ion Tamer® and American Fire Technologies will be partnering to deliver the ultimate safety solution for stationary lithium-ion battery systems. AFT & Li-ion Tamer will look to implement the best detection scheme possible for preventing, containing and mitigating lithium-ion battery failures. This will include technologies for addressing all stages of a battery failure, as shown in the failure stages icon below. The Li-ion Tamer off-gas monitor has the ability to diagnose off-gas events released by single cells with the Rack Monitor (Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitor product page). By being able to detect single cell off-gassing events, thermal runaway can be prevented. Continue reading “Li-ion Tamer Partners with American Fire Technologies”