Mount Storm Power Station

American Fire Technologies to begin a design & construction project providing linear heat detection at  Dominion’s Mount Storm Power Station in West Virginia. The project’s scope is to replace existing pneumatic heat detection systems on eight (8) existing coal yard conveyors with linear heat detection, as well as  providing detection on one (1) new conveyor. This project also incorporates the heat detection for a newly constructed valve house. Protectowire FS2000 Series Panels will be used to communicate all signals back to the main Notifier fire alarm control panel. Dominion’s Mt. Storm Power Station is located in the Allegheny Mountains near Bismark, West Virginia residing on a 1,200 acre lake. It  is the largest coal-fired power station managed by Dominion.  Mt. Storm has  three (3) coal fired units and can generate more than 1,600 megawatts of electricity.