Building Reports Inspection Services

AFT has added yet another customer service to our diversified fire protection resources. Building Reports is a cloud based data system that allows our clients to inspect and test all of their fire protection systems including fire alarm, sprinkler, fire extinguishers and meet the code requirements associated with these systems. Operation for Building Report System is simple and generates all the necessary reports for the clients  required by local, state and federal laws. How it works:  Every piece of equipment within a system is labeled with a bar code. These bar codes are then scanned  into a hand held computer and information for each device is programmed by a technician with the location and  type of device and the address. The reports are generated instantly and forwarded to the client. Building Reports is a sophisticated and  innovative solution for Fire & Life Safety Inspection Reporting. To find out more about this service and its benefits to your company, contact Joe Hastings, or American Fire Technologies’ office at 1-800-919-1288. Click below to view or download informational brochures from Building Reports ScanSeries Brochure ManagerSeries Brochure